Workers Comp Insurance Quote Commercial Liability Insurance Quote

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Workers Comp Insurance Quote Commercial Liability Insurance Quote

We provide an easy, frictionless way to help you learn about workers compensation insurance options for your company. Keep in mind that workers compensation coverage not only protects your employees, it also protects your small business. Even if you are an individual, you might consider getting workers compensation insurance for business owners…

Workers compensation is optional in Texas, but many businesses and state contractors will require that you get the coverage. Some workers compensation waivers do exist, so you will need to check with your state to see if your company requires coverage. Even in states where employers are not required to provide workers compensation insurance–Texas is an example–they might find their opportunities limited if they lack it; some prospective clients might require that smaller businesses or contractors that they hire to have workers compensation coverage for their employees.

Many laws that address workers compensation coverage protect a company that is subject to a lawsuit from an injured employee seeking benefits in excess of those provided under the policy. Workers Compensation Insurance in Louisiana protects the employer against being sued by an injured worker, for most purposes. Because workersa compensation benefits act as a kind of insurance, it protects an employee from taking his or her employer to court over compensation due to injuries.

For instance, if your coverage is in compliance with your states laws, the employee receiving benefits cannot sue you for injuries they suffered or lost wages. Statutory disability insurance is insurance that typically provides non-employment, weekly benefits payable to employees for accidents or illnesses not covered by workers compensation laws. One is coverage protecting employees (workers compensation) and the other is coverage protecting the business against third-party claims made against it (business liability). General liability insurance, on the other hand, protects your business if you are sued for personal injuries, property damages, and publicity-related injuries.

Umbrella liability insurance is a type of additional liability coverage designed to provide additional protection in case your company is sued and the damages awarded are more than the General Liability insurance covers. General Liability insurance provides coverage for damages or injuries your business inadvertently causes a third party, like a customer. Neither workers compensation nor general liability insurance covers damages caused by accidents caused by using an automobile within the scope of your business. General liability and workers compensation insurance policies will not cover damages to personal property in your business, such as your inventory, furniture, and fixtures, machines and equipment, including computers and other electronic data processing equipment, and any other personal property owned by you and used in your business.

You may wish to supplement the base policy with optional business liability coverage options to address your specific business needs. That is, some businesses may require additional types of commercial coverages (as listed below), which sometimes can be packaged into a single business owners policy (BOP) for discounted rates. Insurance companies offer a variety of policies designed to give maximum protection for your business; this applies to professionals, business owners, hospitality operators, and many others.

Estrella Insurance has Professional Agents who can help you get the right Business coverage depending on your needs and requirements in one click. Our goal is to help you secure your business as effectively as possible and connect you with the right Insurance Company. Business insurance can give you a guarantee your employees are fully protected against risks that you may encounter as the owner of the business.

Workers Compensation is a crucial component to your small business insurance package, protecting both you and your employees from financial loss. Workers Compensation Insurance (Womans Comp, Workers Compensation, Workers Compensation, or even abbreviated as Workers Comp) is a commercial insurance protection for a worker who might sustain a physical work-related injury or get sick at the workplace. For workers compensation insurance, your costs will vary depending on factors like the number and types of employees at your company, your total payroll, your industry, any claims you have had in the past, and the state in which you are located.

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